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When I work on my jewellery I find myself into a different state of consciousness. I interact with my material. I look at my fibers, stones, golden threads and show them how much I admire their beauty, how much I love them.

They are not lifeless material anymore, but vibrate with my own breath and heartbeat.
The process of making feels like being under a magic spell and I am lost in time and space...
I am all eyes, ears, nose...

Pictures, sounds and smells from the past become alive. I experience the etheric, materialless substance, the everlasting entity that travels through space and time.

I call it "My Muse of Creation"; and she commands me to follow her!
My hands move on their own, independent of my will.
I am always astonished by the result, because I never know in advance how the final form will look like. However, even if I do not control it, the artwork always pleases me.

May be it is a paradoxon to say that I like "my art", for I do not know who really leads my hands or who am I while I keep working...
The way I create art makes every piece of my jewellery a unique and exclusive design and experience.